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SVS Car Auction Buying Service

We offer an unbeatable car auction buying service with no membership or sign-up fees and vehicle delivery straight to your door.

We have access to BCA (British Car Auction), Manheim and Aston Barclay, trade, quality assured and private dealer auctions at multiple locations all over the UK.

We pay much lower buyer premiums compared to a private buyer at the same auctions. Buying cars at auction with us means you are saving money before the bidding has even started.

This service is for private and trade buyers. Please see our fees and more info below.

Auction Companies We Buy From

We will find you your next car for FREE!

You don’t need to pay us anything until you are ready to go ahead and bid on the car you want, only then do we ask for our fee to be paid!

We will provide you with a list of cars including auction prices via email for you to look through.

When you see something you like the look of we then provide more detailed information along with photos and mechanical/condition reports to make sure everything is fine before we bid on the car for you.

Please get in touch for more information on this service and our fees.

Our latest auction purchases

VAUXHALL CORSA-E 0.00 100KW 50KWH SRI PREMIUM (7.4) Hatchback

Apr, 2022

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Mar, 2022

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AUDI A1 14.00 TFSI 185 BLACK ED.S-T Hatchback

Feb, 2022

car auction buying service 14

BMW I3 0.00 94AH (REX) Hatchback

Jan, 2022

car auction buying service 15

KIA SPORTAGE 16.00 CRDI 136 48V 3 ISG StationWagon

Dec, 2021

car auction buying service 16

SEAT LEON SC 20.00 TSI 280 CUPRA Coupe

Nov, 2021

car auction buying service 17


Sep, 2021

car auction buying service 18


Oct, 2021

car auction buying service 20


Aug, 2021

car auction buying service 19


July, 2021

car auction buying service 21


June, 2021

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How Our Car Auction Buying Service Works

Finding the right car

We can offer a wide selection of the best cars to buy at auction within a matter of minutes. All we need from you to start this search is some basic information on what it is you are looking for (Make, Model, Age, Colour etc).

Once we have this information we then search all auction companies’ sites in the UK and compile a list of suitable matches with prices included which we then send to you via email to look through.

If you have already found a vehicle at auction that you are interested in purchasing all we need to start the process is the registration number and the name of the auction company. We will then provide you with the trade price for that vehicle and any other information you may require.

If you would like to be able to buy cars at auction in your own time we can set you up on our system which will give you access to search the auction companies’ websites for vehicles at your own leisure.

We don’t request our fees for using the car auction buying service until a suitable vehicle has been found that you want us to bid for on your behalf.

Once a suitable match has been found which falls within your maximum budget we can then move on to the next step of the service.

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An agreement is made between ourselves and the customer. First, the customer specifies their maximum bid for a specific vehicle at auction. We then send an email with terms and conditions and request payment of our fees prior to us bidding on any vehicle at auction.

On the day of the auction, a link will be sent via email which allows you to watch the auction live and watch us bid on your vehicle and also gives you an exclusive view of all other vehicles going through the auction sale on that day.


If we succeed in securing the winning bid, we’ll send you the invoice directly from the auction house and the customer then pays the total cost to the auction house via the auction company’s own online payment system within 24 hours of winning the bid.

Furthermore, we don’t request any money except our fees for using the car auction buying service. Your money is never at risk this way.

Once payment has been made you immediately become the legal owner of the vehicle. We then arrange for you to collect the vehicle at a time that suits you best (within 3 days of the auction ending) or for the vehicle to be delivered to your door by the auction company’s own delivery service at an extra cost (approximately £150), delivery takes 5 to 10 working days.

Consequently, everything is as clear and fair as possible with no hidden fees added. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Working hours
    Mon-Sun 8:00am-8:00pm
  • Call now to get help
    07565 665 632
  • Send us Email
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Vehicle demo with customer at BCA Perry Barr, Birmingham

Important Points

Insurance is not required to collect a vehicle from auction or to have a vehicle delivered.

Additionally, the auction house does not request any insurance documentation to collect a vehicle.

Furthermore, insurance is the customer’s own responsibility and we recommend having this in place before collecting the vehicle.

Once a vehicle has been paid for we can then arrange a collection slot for you in any name you specify.

Vehicles can be collected within 3 hours of securing winning the bid in most cases. The longest this could take is approximately 24 hours with some auction companies and sites.

Additionally, a valid photo ID is requested in the name of the person specified on the collection slot by the auction company in order for a vehicle to be released.

We can arrange delivery to your door within 5 to 10 working days via the auction company’s in-house delivery service at an average cost of approximately £150.

Value for money

Here is a brief summary of the benefits this service offers:

  • The car you want bought at trade price
  • Reduced auction buyers fees
  • No membership fees or sign up costs
  • Watch us bid live on your vehicle at auction
  • You pay the auction house directly for your vehicle
  • Vehicle collection available within 3 hours of purchase at most auction sites
  • Unlimited future bids if unsuccessful in first auction at no extra cost.


SVS Cars has over 15 years experience in sourcing vehicles.
We are able to assist with:

  • Buying vehicles at auction
  • Car recommendations
  • Price guidance
  • HPI checks
  • Technical advice (service data, technical specs etc).
Features about us

We offer unbeatable used car deals

  • Unbeatable Used Car Deals
    We are here to assist you in any way we can. We dedicate ourselves to every customer's needs.
  • Expert Team
    Your vehicle purchase will be handled by experts every time. We make sure you have the best possible service at all times.
  • Quality Guaranteed
    We pride ourselves on being able to offer quality used cars at unbeatable prices.

Why Buy From Us

We only source the very best quality used vehicles available. We never settle for second best and always have your satisfaction as our top priority. It’s who we are and we are proud of it.

Buy at trade price!

Save yourself £££’s on your next car compared to buying anywhere else. On average our customers save £2k on their next car when buying with us.

25+ years’ experience!

We buy cars daily, and we have done for years. Our director is a 3rd generation motor trader and has the most extensive auction buying knowledge to fall back on when finding and buying the very best available cars for our customers and offering answers to any questions our customers may have, whether it be vehicle recommendations, checks or price guidance.

Watch the auction live!

On the day of the auction, we provide you with a link to watch the entire auction and us bidding on your vehicle live, giving our customers a unique insight into the auction industry and allowing them to get a feel and understanding of how fast-paced the auctions are and also by the broad range of prices you can see at auction on various cars.

Trusted 5 star Google rated service!

We only have 5 star reviews for the service we have given our many happy customers over the years. We are the most reviewed and trusted car auction buying service in the UK. We know also have international customers purely from recommendations from previous customers here in the UK.

Hassle free service!

We do all the hard work so you don’t even need to leave your home or spend any of your own time looking for cars, saving you time and money.

Fast and Free!

We respond to our customers as soon as we receive them, we can have a list of available cars sent via email within 5 to 10 minutes of speaking with a customer. Additionally, we don’t charge anything until you are ready to bid on a car you like. When we win your car at auction you can collect it within 3 hours of making payment so you can have the car the same day if needed.

Pay the auction directly!

We don’t ask you to pay us anything except our fees. When paying for a car won at auction our customers pay the auction company directly, that way your money is never at risk.

Delivery to your door

We can have any vehicle delivered to your door for a small charge with our car auction buying service. This typically costs £150, using the auction company’s own transport service. This takes on average 5 to 10 working days but can be as fast as 24 hours on rare occasions.