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CAP Clean Car Pricing Guide: What is a CAP Clean?

Navigating the world of car buying can often feel like a maze, even for the most seasoned drivers. Among the many factors to consider, one aspect that often causes confusion is CAP Clean pricing. To help demystify CAP Clean pricing, the team at SVS Cars are here to explain what CAP clean pricing means, how it is calculated, and more importantly, ho …

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car auction Nottingham
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What Are the Best Strategies to Use at a Car Auction Nottingham?

A car auction Nottingham tends to be a very fast-paced environment with major auctions selling thousands of cars each day .  M ost auctions can finish up in a matter of seconds, so knowing the main things to look out for as well as what to do and not to do, can be the difference between having a positive or negative auction experience.  Consequently, w …

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car depreciation
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​​How to Reduce Car Depreciation

Why Do Cars Depreciate Daily? Most people will be aware of the fact that car depreciation will start to occur as soon as the vehicle is purchased at a dealership. There are many ways to prevent your car from depreciating, here at SVS Cars , we have decided to try and help our customers understand the best way to prevent a car’s value from droppi …

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